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Richard Bosman & The Charcuterie

Richard Bosman, Steve and Teri Jeffery have formed a charcuterie partnership, based on the highest quality - from farm to table.

Note: Food With A Story has included these details on behalf of Richard Bosman & The Charcuterie. If you are from Richard Bosman & The Charcuterie please contact us to get profiled and/or have the listing transferred.

Cape Town, Western Cape

Retail outlets

This product is listed as available from the following retail outlets:

Neighbourgoods Market (Woodstock)   Melissa's (Cape Town)   & Union - Beer salon and Charcuterie  
Phone 0820729128   Email

Meat products as individual as the pigs they're cut from

It would be difficult to find two products by Richard Bosman and Steve Jeffery that are identical. That’s because no two of their pigs are identical. Naturally reared on a free-range farm in the Hemel and Aarde valley near Hermanus, Richard and Steve’s pigs roam the land. Their different personalities take some of them exploring into the pastures to forage, while others prefer rooting around in the forest undergrowth. A pig is what a pig eats, so the different flavours they find naturally impact on the texture and flavour of their meat.

Of farmers and fleischmeisters

Richard, a knowledgeable foodie after running the Deli in Hermanus for five years, was trained in curing by fleischmaster Walter Haller. He founded Richard Bosman’s Quality Cured Meats in 2009, and is dedicated to traditional Mediterranean methods of curing. Steve was originally a free-range duck and pig farmer who switched to curing after realising he could get more out of his product by processing it. Steve is pedantic about his salami ingredients, selecting only the best quality spices and grinding them himself to retain the freshness of the rich oils. When the two charcuterie-lovers discovered each other during 2010, they realised their varied skills were complementary and decided to join forces.

Slowly does it

Starting with a high quality pig, Richard and Steve aim to “get the best out of the best”. Loyal to the Spanish and Italian tradition, their pigs are always ‘finished’ with a diet rich in acorns. Once slaughtered the pig carcasses are sent to their small factory in Cape Town, to be deboned and prepared for curing within 24 hours. The traditional curing process takes four times longer than commercial methods. For example,  with commercial salamis, a chemical called GDL works directly on the proteins in the meat, lowering the pH swiftly (but artificially) down to an acidic 4.5. The traditional method asks for a bacterial culture to be introduced to the meat, and this feeds off the sugars to create lactic acid – a process of fermentation. Once the lactic acid has lowered the pH down to 5, the bacteria can no longer survive and the meat is ready for hanging. For hams, bacons and other larger products, the curing process can take up to one month depending on the size of the cut.

Time is a charcutier’s biggest cost as the meat then hangs to dry for two to 12 months depending on the product being prepared. The temperature is carefully controlled to maintain the ideal environment for the best quality end product. Richard and Steve produce a range of meats including pancetta, prosciutto, coppa, bresaola, ham, chorizo and salami.

Quality is their speciality

Steve and Richard each have their own specialities when it comes to the chorizos and salamis, and they are constantly experimenting with new recipes. The fermented sausages are carefully prepared with high quality hand-selected spices, and there are no artificial colours and no preservatives present (except for the pickling salt, which is required by law). Only natural casings are used, and they have a lower fat content than commercial products.

While Richard still makes products under his own brand, selling at a range of delis, The Charcuterie team are going from strength to strength at the markets with the help of Steve’s son Terri. Their mission is to provide the best charcuterie to their customers by aiming for a particular quality standard, rather than a profit margin, when they make their products.

By starting with happy pigs, they aim to get the “best products of out the best ingredients”. The Charcuterie’s vision is of a South African food culture where people “eat less but eat well”, consciously seeking out the highest quality products to nourish themselves, and rediscovering old ways, practices and values along the way.

Terri, Richard and Steve enjoying a charcuterie and wine pairing

The different cuts of meat hang from 2 to 12 months before ready

The Charcuterie's products

  • Pancetta
  • Prosciutto
  • Coppa
  • Bresaola
  • Chorizo
  • Salami (a range)

Find them at:

  • Neighbourgoods Market
  • St Georges Mall Earthfair Market

Richard Bosman's Quality Cured Meats products

  • Prosciutto – Air dried ham
  • Coppa – Air dried pork neckBresaola – Beef silverside cured with red wine and spices
  • Lomo – Smoked pork loin with paprika
  • Smoked Ham – Air dried pork leg
  • Pancetta – Air dried pork belly rubbed with spices
  • Lardons – Chopped pancetta
  • Bacon – Real air dried bacon rubbed with rosemary and thyme
  • Chorizo – Spicy salami with garlic and sherry
  • Salami – We make a variety including plain, fennel and vino
  • Salsiccia – Sausage with red wine and fennel
  • Gemsbok Carpaccio – Cured loin with red wine and spices

Find them at:

  •   Mellissas
  •   The Food Barn
  •   The Salmon Bar
  •   The Deli Hermanus
  •   & Union
  •   Manna Epicure
  •   Houwhoek Farmstall
  •   Fernkloof Farmers Market
  •   Seapoint Spar
  •   Gateway Spar
  •   Euro Deli Blaawberg
  •   The Bay Market – Hout Bay

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