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Kwenchi is unique Raw Kombucha as it is made emulating the original environment of the culture and bottled only in GLASS to avoid leeching contaminants. Healthy Slimming, Detoxing, Energy Drink

Plettenberg Bay, Western Cape

Where you can find it

Most Health Shops and Organic Restaurants in the Greater Cape TOwn area and growing rapidly, will be available in other provinces by mid 2014

Website    Phone 0793434022   Mobile 0827914390    Email
KWENCHi Raw Kombucha is 100% natural, preservative-free, effervescent beverage created by living cultures, 
that convert sweetened tea mixtures into an elixir of beneficial micro-organisms and organic substances 
by means of an ancient Far Eastern fermentation technique.

“Raw Kombucha is a natural health drink, with a history of consumption spanning over 2000 years. 
At least 7 Million people around the world brew Kombucha and multiple others benefit by drinking it regularly.”

Health conscious, active people are becoming increasingly aware of KWENCHi Raw Kombucha as an alternative 
to the numerous synthetically manufactured energy drinks on the market. 
It is the ideal healthy sports drink for quenching thirst and reducing muscle stiffness.

“The Soviet Union’s Olympic athletes consumed a quart of Raw Kombucha a day to reduce lactic acid 
accumulation in the muscles, enabling them to train much longer and much harder.”

KWENCHi Raw Kombucha is a delicious, healing, energising, metabolism boosting tonic 
that stimulates digestion, protein-cell building and toxin release.

“Extensive testing in Russia has proven Kombucha to be an effective overall detoxifier 
through the binding of organic acids to toxin build-up in the body. 
Once tightly bound to the organic acids, it is rushed to the kidneys for excretion.”

Raw Kombucha has a rich anecdotal history as a folk remedy for numerous ailments 
and it has become scientifically evident that living micro organisms are essential to 
our Western diets to ensure overall health, vitality and to boost the immune system.

“Raw Kombucha has been known to relieve arthritis, candida, diabetes, high blood pressure,
crone’s disease, diarrhoea, constipation plus many other conditions including anxiety, 
hiccups, hair growth and even old age.In Japan, Raw Kombucha is known as “The Tea of Longevity”
“Russian scientists discerned entire regions of their vast populace were seemingly immune
 to incidences of cancer and verified that Raw Kombucha was directly associated 
with the absence of cancer in those specific regions.” 

CONTAINS: Raw Kombucha (made by curing and converting black tea & cane sugar in filtered water
with live cultures in bespoke oak containers) infused with fresh herbs, fruit or spices. 
May contain trace elements of non-intoxicating, non-addictive alcohol due to 
natural fermentation by unique, beneficial Zygosaccharomyces live culture. 
International Analysis of Raw Kombucha reveal varying concentrations of:  

alkalizing organic acids
( toxin-binding “weak” acids)
anti-pathogenic substances
(intolerant of harmful microbials)
hydrating electrolytes
(restores fluid balance)
detoxifying micro-organisms
(toxin-flushing bacteria)
essential amino acids
(protein-building substrates)
beneficial yeast
(unique to Kombucha)
probiotic bacteria
(improves digestion)
active enzymes
(metabolic regulators)
vitamins B and C presence
(essential nutrients)

*Sugar 0%, *Gluten 0%, *Preservatives 0%,*Tannin 0%, *Sodium 0%, *Dairy 0%,

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