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Mpilende Foods (Pty) Ltd

Mpilende Foods is a manufacturer of grain processed food products, that have been certified to be compliant with most of the international quality management accreditations and food safety standards including ISO9001: 2008, FDA and HACCP among others.

Mount Edgecombe, Durban/Greater Durban, KwaZulu-Natal

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Mpilende Foods has recognised a niche within the food fortification (manufacturing) industry, and focuses on the role of food in combating hunger, poverty and malnutrition in the region for general well being. 

The process of fortification involves adding nutrients to the food. 

“Mpilende” is the Zulu word for “long life”, and we strive to promote longevity in the lives of ordinary citizens irrespective of race or colour. 

Serving diverse markets on the basic food grocery and nutritional supplement needs throughout Africa. The business offers hygienic food handling systems to minimise food exposure to potential damage, germs and undesirable conditions. 

Our manufacturing process is in accordance with Public Health and Safety Principles


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