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5ounces is a food and wine website selling gourmet foods, premium brand wines and accessories, all at promotional prices.

City bowl / central city, Cape Town, Western Cape

Website    Phone 087 022 0344   Mobile 084 501 1748    Email
Bringing you that Old Biscuit Mill and Neighbourgoods Market feel...but online, then to your door! 
This website keeps you up to date with the latest food and beverage trends at the best price (up to 60% off), signing up is free and premium quality is instant.
5ounces' website has become the new favourite of food and wine lovers around the country.

5ounces is slightly less than one-fifth of a bottle of wine – the standard serving of just under 150ml. But that’s just about all that is standard about this company. Inspired by e-commerce companies like Gilt Taste and Lot 185ounces is giving consumers the opportunity to get great gourmet produce and premium wines at amazing prices.
The team behind 5ounces are wine and food lovers, just like you. They want what you want: the best experience for the least money, fine foods and premium wines delivered directly to your door for half the price.
As well as providing a source for high quality wines and unique artisanal food products, 5ounces also serves as the best platform for gourmet food companies and boutique wineries to market their products to a database of discerning members. But don’t hesitate – each product is only available for a limited time.
In the words of 5ounces: “It’s not as if there’s a giant factory churning out infinite bottles of sensational wine. The majority of the food products we offer are – literally – hand made. They’re called artisanal for a reason. Grab them while they’re available because when they’re gone, they’re gone. There are no second chances on 5ounces (but there’s always the next round of offers).”

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