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The Constant Gardener

Kitchen and Potager Garden Specialist. Romantic Vegetable, herb and cut flower gardens to love and enjoy.

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I have been involved in the home vegetable garden for years, but several of my landscaping clients have asked for Kitchen Gardens, or Potager Gardens that would not only deliver raw, healthy organic vegetables and herbs, but also include cut flowers, heritage vegetables and seedling nurseries of thier own. I am fascinated with the idea, and am pleased to see that many more people are changing thier thinking to a more sustainable way of life. In addition I have found the best hand forged blacksmith work, that can be custom made for each clients specifications. Some of these gardens are formal, others more romantic, and some basically utilitarian, but each one gives huge satisfactionwhen one eats produce that tastes better than that which one buys in the shop, knowing that you have seen the full production of the veg or herb, and therefore there are no poisons, etc.

I take into consideration each clients requirements in reapect of the vegetables, fruit and flowers that they require, and incorporate these into a landscape design for the specific client. I have found that raised beds are easier to use and they allow one to make specific changes for each veggie or berry type. As the gardens are organic, I use well rotted kraal and stable manure, as well as compost and tiger worms in each bed. I set up a crop rotation system for the year, and will also do specialised seedling beds for the client. 

Some of my clients would like cut flowers, which I combine in the grand old kitchen garden tradition, making sure that all flowers are also edible. 

In short a pretty, useful garden!!!

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Kitchen or Potager Garden Design and Implementation

from The Constant Gardener

A garden for the best fresh organic fruit, Veggies, berries and edible flowers in the neighbourhood, and its your very own.

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Organic Vegetables, organic eggs, model sustainable living view farm,

from The Constant Gardener

A specialist landscaping service for those urban dwellers who would like to grow thier own organic vegetables and herbs and flowers, which must be practical, pretty and productive. Herbs, Flowers, companion plantings, hierloom vegetables, design and month to month planting lists all done for you.

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