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The Food Crew

Private Chef Service in Cape Town - we also offer VeryDeli Delivery, a Personal Shopping Service for gourmet deli products.

Rondebosch, Cape Town, Western Cape

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Joanne Clegg, a private chef, started The Food Crew after cooking on luxury yachts in the Med and completing a one year professional chef diploma.  She soon realised that being a private chef in Cape Town is a very seasonal occupation, and not entirely conducive to being a single mom to a toddler. 


Thus the idea for VeryDeli Delivery was born.  She selected products from local suppliers that she loves, and approached each business to ask whether she could add them to her Personal Shopping Service.  We now supply a weekly delivery in the Cape Town area for our range of VeryDeli freezer ready meals, cheeses from Bon Fromage, cured meats from Richard Bosman, gourmet preserves from Oded's Kitchen, sweet treats from The Treat Company, freshly roasted nuts and organic grains from Komati Foods, coffee beans from Caturra, organic chocolate from CocoaFair and the NoMU range of stocks and spices. 


VeryDeli Delivery is a convenient way to make sure that your deli produce is delivered straight to your door.  We are working on a Silly Season Gift List that incorporates the Flambé Functional Art collection and Naturals Beauty hand and body beauty products.  These are a few of our favourite things...


And of course we do still offer a private chef service for quality family style meals to enjoy while on vacation in Cape Town.  Making use of a private chef ensures that your meals are cooked the way you want them to be, using the ingredients you want to use, at the time when you want to eat.  We often cook for people who love to cook, but also want to enjoy their holiday time with their family and friends.  Please contact us for small function catering, corporate or private.

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