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Learning Lunch

Join us on a slow food tour, pick your own vegetables and enjoy a three course lunch on our Urban Farm.

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Contact us to inquire further. +27 785 6817. Visit our website for more details:


Green Guerrillas has developed a series of Learning Lunches, an educational experience of sustainable living and eating. Join us for an inspiring afternoon on the Green Guerrillas urban homestead near Kommetjie. We will take you on a tour of the small-scale working farm, pick seasonal vegetables, and demonstrate various preparations of the food for lunch. This will be followed by a delicious three course lunch sourced primarily from the seasonal vegetables on the farm.

The educational tour can be themed according to the interest of the group. Topics such as soil, animal husbandry, urban farming, sustainable energy, biodynamic systems, foraging and many more can be included. If you have a small group we cen easily join two groups together. 

Cost: R200 per person. Minimum 10 people.

Duration: 2 Hours


Contact Anki to book a learning lunch for your business or organisation.

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