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Misleading us on Milk?

It's essential that consumers are given accurate information about the products they buy, in order to make informed purchasing decisions. This information is conveyed by the retailer via labels and advertising.  

Fair Cape Free RangeTM - sold at Checkers and Spar

Upon visiting Fair Cape last year, one consumer discovered that cows were  in fact not free-range as we commonly know it. The words "free-range", "graze" and "pasture" were used on the bottle, while Fair Cape cows live in barns for most of their life. 

(See for full story).  

Fair Cape replied “We did not call the milk “Free Range”, we called it “Fair Cape Free Range”, which is Fair Cape’s own take on free range." 


Woolworths Ayrshire Fresh Milk

The label says: “Woolworths assures you that…we prefer contented cows that produce farm-fresh milk, as nature intended.”

An advert in The Taste Magazine says: 

Woolworths is committed to bringing you the best in everything. Like our exclusive Ayrshire milk...

Ayrshire herds…spend their days in tranquil green pastures with access to plenty of good food and fresh, clean water.
Watch the advert

The reality is:
The Woolworths Ayrshire milk comes from 38 herds –
At 23 farms the cows spend “most of their life in a barn or shed”
At 15 farms the cows spend “most of their life in pasture”

Woolworths Organic Milk

Woolworths says: “Organic livestock are fed a diet consisting of certified organic feed, accommodated in a free-range manner with free access to the outdoors and treated only with approved homoeopathic remedies.”

The milk bottle itself says “Produced from cows that roam freely and graze in organic pastures.”

The reality is:
In the Western Cape cows that produce Woolworths Organic milk are pasture fed most of the time but inland, they are fed in barns most of the time.

Other choices for milk?

Seek out your local farmers market or contact some small farms (where they pasture raise their cows) and make an effort to support sustainable, ethical milk production.

How we think cows should be raised...


Concerned consumes poll & eLabel

Check out the poll on Concerned Consumers regarding milk advertising in South Africa.

Also, visit eLabel for more info on making informed decisions about your food purchases.

eLabel Phone

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Excellent milk

by Aletta Lintvelt  |   25 February 2013 01:15 PM   |   1 reply

Having similar misgivings re supermarket milk I've done reserach and discovered the most amazing dairy called Daily Dairy. Wild Organic in Woodstock stocks their milk and yoghurt.

The milk is produced by a small Guernsey herd and is completely free of hormones etc and the BEST part - they are milked by hand (Read this for more info on why that is good. )

Alternatively I would recommend Camphill dairy.

by derick DD  |   15 March 2013 09:17 AM

Do they test The milk for TB and Brucellosis as they do not pasteurise the milk,what is the somatic and bacteria counts do any body know ?


by The Archer  |   06 September 2012 04:24 PM   |   1 reply Comment Image

So, Fair Cape now call their milk 'Eco-Fresh (TM)'

To me that is just as misleading as the old label. What makes their milk 'eco'. They are implying by the label that their milk is eco friendly in some way... I'd like to know how.

by The Archer  |   06 September 2012 04:24 PM

And why does it say 'Do the right thing'?

"Fair?" Cape

by DEBORAH SAINT  |   03 September 2012 02:34 AM   |   4 replies

Hardly 'fair'! What Deceivers they are! They disgust me with their comment:
“Fair Cape Free Range”, which is Fair Cape’s own take on free range."
We don't buy that - and we won't buy their milk either.
Deborah Saint

by The Archer  |   03 September 2012 11:56 AM

Hi Deborah,

I agree, it is very deceptive and manipulative of them... it had me fooled for a while.

I hope there is a consumer backlash against this type of totally misleading advertising.

I'm now buying milk from the local market.



by DEBORAH SAINT  |   03 September 2012 12:50 PM

Hi Carlin,
Your local market wouldn't be anywhere near Hout Bay would it?

by The Archer  |   03 September 2012 03:10 PM

No, I go to the Starlings Market near Claremont / Kenilworth area.

by DEBORAH SAINT  |   03 September 2012 03:58 PM

OK. I'll check it out. Thanks.

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